San Marcos apartments in San Diego County flooded due to cooking fire – fortunately the sprinklers put it out but it flooded the apartment… read more here:


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More Cooking Fires on Thanksgiving Than Any Other Day

More Cooking Fires Reported on Thanksgiving than Any Other Day

Guardian Safety Solutions International warns families that Thanksgiving can be hazardous to their health.  About 45 house fires are reported every hour in the U.S., and 60 percent of apartment fires are started by cooking equipment.  Sadly, children and the elderly make up the greatest national percentage of injury and death due to household fires.

IMG_1410.jpg“Thanksgiving is a special day with relatives, but answering the door to welcome guests can distract even the most careful cook,” said Paul Rouse, GSSI administrative officer. “Alcohol during Thanksgiving celebrations can also add to cooking inattentiveness.  Next thing you know, a fire starts consuming the stove, curtains and other flammable material in the kitchen.”  The popularity of turkey deep fryers has added another hazard to the celebration.  The cooking oil temperature is extremely hot.  Rouse said that they should be used as far from the house as possible.  “It’s important to note that not one turkey fryer has been certified as safe by Underwriters Laboratories,” Rouse added.  You can read more here.


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Fire Safety for the Holidays

TV station WAFF 48 in Alabama reports on how the holidays are one of the most dangerous times of year for household fires.

home-stovefireAccording to the report, “Cooking fires lead to more destruction than any other fires that we deal with,” said Fire Prevention Officer Dan Wilkerson. “One of the main reasons is because it’s the most common way that a fire could start in your home. Cooking fires are our number one cause of fires in the nation. Not only in Huntsville, across the nation.”

The U.S. Fire Administration statistics point to an estimated 1,900 residential building fires reported to fire departments on Thanksgiving Day, causing an estimated five deaths, 25 injuries and $28 million in property loss.

Wilkerson said that when cooking make sure you have a timer on to remind you of your meal and keep the handles of your pots and pans out of the reach of children. He also keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case.


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Unattended Cooking Fire Causes Fatality

ABC News in North Carolina reporters that an apartment building resident was FIRE2heating grease and fell asleep on the couch. The grease then ignited causing smoke alarms to go off in an adjacent apartment. Neighbors called 911 but it was too late to save the life of the resident who was taken to Wilson Medical Center and pronounced dead.  Many lives are lost each year from unattended cooking fires.  Never leave the room when you are cooking.  If you must, turn off the stove.  GSSI’s range top suppression system would have saved this man’s life.  Read more here.


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GuardianSSI Exhibiting at OAFED Conference

GuardianSSI Exhibiting at OAFED Conference

Dallas – October 23, 2013 – Guardian Safety Solutions International Inc. (GSSI), the leader in the development and manufacturing of residential range top fire protection systems, is exhibiting at the Oklahoma Association of Fire Equipment Dealers, Inc. (OAFED) Conference, October 25 – 26, at Will Rogers Park, Oklahoma City, OK.  OAFED’s guiding mission is to improve standards and ensure professionalism.

“We are delighted to demonstrate our ‘Guardian Solution’ range top suppression system at NAFED,” said Paul Rouse, GSSI’s administrative officer. “This is extremely important as there are 34,000 kitchen fires each day causing more than $7 billion in damage every year.” He added that more than 12 million unintentional home cooking fires go unreported causing 640,000 injuries annually.

GSSI manufactures the Guardian III Model G300B, UL and ULC listed with a fuel shut-off. “The Guardian is designed to detect and extinguish cooking fires and prevent re-ignition in private homes, apartments, senior housing, college campuses, hospitals and other facilities. Even older kitchens can be retrofitted as well,” Rouse said. (See how the Guardian works here http://bit.ly/WF5Nas).

Once it detects heat at a pre-determined temperature, the Guardian sends a signal to release an extinguishing agent that suppresses the fire. The Guardian will also shut off the gas or electric supply to the stove in order to prevent reigniting. The design of the system offers:

· automatic operation

· continuous 24-hour protection

· concealed installation

· easy clean-up

· proven reliability

About GSSI

Protecting families worldwide since 1985, Guardian Safety Solutions International Inc. is the recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of residentialrange top fire protection systems. GSSI’s mission is to develop and distribute quality safety products that provide customers with peace of mind, while protecting lives and property.

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It’s Fire Prevention Week: Stop Cooking Fires

Paul Rouse, Administrative Officer/Sales & Operations Director for Guardian Safety Solutions International, Inc. and fire suppression educator and expert, joined eHealth Radio and the Safety Channel for an interview about Fire Prevention Week.  You can hear the whole podcast here and learn more.  Some important items were discussed, including:

  • Cooking can easily start a fire on the stove top – how can we prevent them?
  • What are some typical causes of cooking fires?
  • How does our guardian system work?
  • What are some tips for  listeners to prevent cooking fires?



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Cooking Fire Displaces Texas Family of Four

News from FOX44 – Temple, Texas…

A Monday evening cooking fire has left a family of four homeless.  Temple Fire & Rescue responded the fire Monday, in the 2400 Block of Valley Forge Avenue.  The first Engine Company arrived to find moderate smoke coming from a downstairs apartment of a four unit apartment complex. Firefighters confirmed everyone was out of the apartment as they began an interior attack. Due to the potential for fire spreading to the other three apartment units and as a precaution, the incident commander requested a second alarm assignment sending two additional Engine companies and one Rescue Company on the call.

october_temple_fireFire investigation determined the fire was unintentional and started from unattended cooking. One of the adults cooking became distracted and forgot to turn off the stove prior to leaving the apartment. The kitchen sustained heavy fire damage with the living room, bedrooms and bathroom receiving smoke and heat damage. A dollar loss has not been calculated. The apartment was protected by working smoke alarms. There were no injuries. The American Red Cross is working with the two adults and two children to assist with their immediate needs

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#1 Cause of Fires in Springfield Cooking Related

“The number one cause of fires in Springfield is unattended cooking,” said Dennis Leger, aide to Commissioner Joseph Conant in Springfield, MA this week.  According to a MassLive.com article, a cooking fire caused some $15,000 in damage to a home when shortly before 3 a.m., a resident dropped frozen French fries into a hot pan of oil on the stove.  Moisture in the French fries caused the oil to froth and spill over onto the burner, igniting the blaze.  Sadly two women, one aged 65 and one 34, lost their lives recently in the same area because of cooking related fires.  In addition to having a fire extinguisher and knowing how to use it, a range top suppression system like ours at GSSI would save lives and property from cooking fires.  To learn more, follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GuardianSSI.

cover art 3 fireman


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Precious Kitty Saved from Cooking Fire…

Recently there was a very scary situation in San Angelo, TX. A gorgeous cat was the sole victim in an unattended cooking fire. “It had difficulty breathing,” Battalion Chief Fred Barnett said. “We recommended it be taken to the vet.”

The fire was caused when the resident left the home to pick up their children. They thought they had turned off the stove but it had been on. Thankfully all seems well with the cute cat! The lesson is triple check that you turn off the stove before you leave home!

Cooking fire...

Cooking fire…

-Guardian Staff

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