According to the NFPA, cooking is the number on cause of home fires nationwide and it is estimated that over 12 million home cooking fires go unreported, causing 640,000 injuries annually. Leaving cooking unattended or sleeping while cooking causes more than 40% of the fire fatalities each year. Children and the elderly have the greatest percentage of injury and death due to household fires.

Single Family Housing
Single Family Housing
Statistics show that 83% of all civilian fire deaths occurred in residences and 42% of all home fires are cooking related. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of stove top fires and yet is entirely preventable. In the event that the stove is left unattended resulting in a fire, the Guardian not only extinguishes the fire but shuts off the power to the stove preventing the flames from reigniting. The system can also be tied into an alarm panel and can alert the local fire and rescue crews immediately. This prompt activation and suppression is essential to prevent devastating damage to the rest of the home and even the loss of irreplaceable property and life.
Senior Living
Senior Living
Research has indicated that adults over the age of 50 face the highest risk of death from home fires involving cooking equipment. Unattended cooking is the highest cause of such fires; and
distractions, forgetfulness, and fatigue are often contributing factors especially in the elderly community. As individuals age they often are forced to rely more and more on others with many day to day activities, but are still able to enjoy the independence of cooking a meal. The Guardian systems provide both safety for the individual and peace of mind for family and property owners. In the event of a fire, the system will not only extinguish the fire but will also shut off the power to the stove, and has the capability to tie into a building alarm panel. The Guardian is an investment in safety and peace of mind for the elderly.
Multi Family Housing
Multi-Family Housing
Recent data shows that 33,000 kitchen fires occur every day and fire strikes 1 out of every 6 kitchens annually. This number is staggering when you think of massive apartment complexes containing hundreds of units, home to thousands of individuals. It is estimated that over 60% of all fire s in multi-family housing are cooking related. No one thinks they will be the cause of the fire that burns down the entire building, but the neighbor might and the result is the same. In addition to the personal loss experienced by those living in the units, property owners are hit with exorbitant repair costs when a fire strikes. The Guardian is the solution for effective fire protection in multi-family housing.