What power source is used to operate the unit?
The 9-volt alkaline battery is the sole power source for the main CPU. However, there is a provision for an AC/DC adapter to provide power to the CPU board. The electric and gas shutoffs operate from the stove’s current.
What activates the system, heat or smoke?
HEAT – The sensors (diodes) heat up and drop the voltage to zero, thus sending a signal to the circuit board.
At what temperature does the system activate?
315° – 330°F for both gas and electric ranges.
What type of agent is in the cylinder?
Potassium Carbonate Wet Chemical Solution – In simple terms, it is a salt solution that has a chemical reaction with hot grease. When the solution comes into contact with hot grease, it foams up, forming a barrier that puts out the fire.
Does the Potassium Carbonate reaction to grease leave a difficult mess to clean up?
NO – The agent is easily cleaned up with soap and water, and is contained to the range top itself.
Are the nozzles in a fixed position?
NO – the nozzle assembly is adjustable under the range hood for proper alignment.
Does the system provide for a fuel shutoff?
YES – Each system comes standard with an interconnect cable to connect the CPU board above to the fuel shutoff below, either gas or electric. Wireless options are also available to shut off the fuel source.
What is the quantity of agent used?
4.9 lbs. by weight.
Is there a low battery warning on the circuit board?
YES – When the voltage on the battery drops below 7 volts, the circuit board will “chirp” approximately every 45 seconds.
Can the system be connected to alarm systems?
YES – The system can be tied to an alarm panel, and some models provide trouble as well as activation notification.
How long does it take to activate once a fire is detected?
Depending on the height of the hood, it could be anywhere between 60-120 seconds.
Does the system completely discharge? How long does it discharge?
YES – The system discharges for 40-45 seconds.
Is the system rechargeable?
YES – It recharges the same way that a portable extinguisher does.
What kind of maintenance is required?
It is recommended to replace the battery(ies) annually. Additionally, nozzles and sensors, as well as the pressure gauge should be visually inspected annually. The extinguisher cylinder is required to be hydrostatically tested every 12 years.
How long does it take to install?
The system, excluding shutoffs, takes approximately 20 minutes to install. Electric shutoffs plug in and take approximately 5 minutes to install. Gas shutoffs require a gas valve to be installed and may take 20-30 minutes for installation.
Are the systems U.L. listed?
YES! Under the category of Residential Range Top Fire Protection, which is tested to Subject 300A.Answer

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