Don’t Drink and Cook on New Year’s Eve

cover art 3 firemanAccording to FEMA, in the United States fire-related injuries rank fifth among unintentional injuries, after motor vehicle crashes, poisoning, falls, and drowning. One study on published medical examiner results revealed that 42% of unintentional fire and burn fatalities were intoxicated (with a blood alcohol level greater than or equal 0.1).  Another study found that alcoholics in Toronto have a fire death risk 9.7 times that of the city’s population. Further, a study of deaths in North Carolina found that 53% (69 of 130) adult victims were intoxicated,  and in Alabama, more than half of the victims older than 17 tested positive for alcohol.  Of the 374 fire fatalities in Minnesota from 1996 to 2002, 133 (36%) were found to have positive blood alcohol concentrations.

Moral of the story?  Don’t drink and cook.

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Christmas Day Fire Leaves Family Homeless

It’s an old but sad story – cooking a Christmas meal led to the total destruction of a family home in Bells, part of Crockett County, Tenn.  Raymond Woodward said he was cooking a Christmas meal for his family when the kitchen went up in flames.

FIRE2He suffered second degree burns on his arm and hands, but managed to save his elderly mom and sister.  House fires increase over the holidays when we need to be extra careful.  You can read more about this tragedy here.  It’s likely the Guardian system would have saved the home.

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Injuries From Hot Stoves Heating Up

According to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal, an estimated five Americans are treated in an ER every hour for burns, scalds and related injuries from hot or poorly installed stoves.  Important:  most of the injuries could have been prevented with proper education about child safety gates, proper cooking clothing and installation information. A study conducted over 21 years showed that almost one million stove injuries were recorded with more than half in women.

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San Marcos apartments in San Diego County flooded due to cooking fire – fortunately the sprinklers put it out but it flooded the apartment… read more here:


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