Guardian SSI to Exhibit Residential Fire Protection System at Georgia Fire Safety Symposium

Guardian Safety Solutions International, Inc. (GSSI), the leader in the development and manufacturing of residential range top fire protection systems, will exhibit at the Georgia Fire Safety Symposium, July 17-18, at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, Forsyth, GA. 

“We are excited to demonstrate our ‘Guardian Solution’ range top suppression system that protects against a range top fire before it causes property damage or injuries,” said Paul Rouse, Guardian SSI’s administrative officer. “The purpose of this symposium is to instill an awareness of individual responsibility for safety and prevention at home, school, work and in all areas of life.  The objective is to decrease Georgia’s alarming fire death rate and to take fire prevention education to cities and counties that do not have it and to enhance those that do.” 

GSSI manufactures the Guardian III Model G300B, UL and ULC listed with a fuel shut-off.  The Guardian is designed to detect and extinguish cooking fires and prevent re-ignition in private homes, apartments, senior housing, college campuses, hospitals and other facilities.  See how the Guardian works here.

Once it detects heat at a pre-determined temperature, the Guardian sends a signal to release an extinguishing agent that suppresses the fire. Guardian will also shut off the gas or electric supply to the stove in order to prevent reigniting. The design of the system offers:

·        automatic operation

·        continuous 24-hour protection

·        concealed installation

·        easy clean-up

·        proven reliability

For more information, contact GSSI at 800-786-2178 or visit www.guardianssi.com. “Like” Guardian on Facebook at Fire Prevention News www.facebook.com/GuardianSSI and follow on Twitter @GuardianSSI.

About GSSI

Protecting families worldwide since 1985, Guardian Safety Solutions International Inc. is the recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of residential range top fire protection systems. GSSI’s mission is to develop and distribute quality safety products that provide customers with peace of mind, while protecting lives and property. See ICC-ES Listing No

PMG-1166 at www.icc-es.org\pmg.

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