Keep Summer BBQs Safe!

Even though we manufacture the world’s best residential range top fire protection equipment, we like to focus on all sorts of fire safety as well.

Recently, a home in Wichita, Kansas was nearly burned to the ground after a fire broke out in the garage. The homeowner had attempted to use an outdoor BBQ in his garage to cook, and though he only left the grill unattended for a brief few moments, the ultimate damages cost him about $75,000, though thankfully not his life. This man was incredibly fortunate since each year a dozen or more people are killed after attempting to use outdoor grills inside.

BBQPropane, gas and charcoal grills produce large quantities of carbon monoxide, and even small amounts of this gas can lead to severe injuries and even death. In addition, we can’t see or smell carbon monoxide, so the buildup of the deadly gas in an unventilated area can easily be undetected until it’s too late! Even low levels of carbon monoxide exposure can cause symptoms similar to the flu, like dizziness, headache, and nausea.

Unfortunately, people disregard these symptoms and do not realize that they are not getting enough fresh air to counteract the poisonous gas. It’s important to be sure your home and workplace are equipped with up to date CO detectors.

Here are some tips to keep your summer cookouts safe and healthy:
• Never use outdoor propane, gas or charcoal grills indoors, or in any other unventilated area.
• Keep charcoal and propane grills at least 10 feet away from awnings and buildings. Also keep them clear of any trees or bushes, and always on a flat surface.
• Never store propane tanks near the grill itself.
• Always turn gas off completely, and check tanks for any cracks before refilling.
• Ignite propane with the lid off, since gas can accumulate under a closed lid and explode.
• Never wear loose clothing when using a grill, be sure to use oven mitts and have a water source close by at all times.
• When finished, dispose of charcoal ashes in a metal container, but only after they are completely cool.

Practice safe grilling, and have a healthy, happy summertime!

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