Don’t “Drink and Fry” This 4th of July

Guardian Safety Solutions International, Inc. (GSSI), the nation’s largest provider of residential range top fire suppression systems, asks cooks to not “drink and fry” this 4th of July. More fires are reported on the 4th of July than any other day of the year according to FEMA.

frying pan“While many fires are started by fireworks, cooking is the third most common cause of fires on July 4th,” said Paul Rouse, GSSI’s administrative officer.  “It’s a day when people get together for parties, and drinking alcohol is part of the festivities.  It’s easy to get distracted when you have too much to drink, so fires start when something is cooking on the stove, and you leave the room to join guests. Unfortunately, it happens often resulting in injuries and death.”

10 tips for cooking fire safety on July 4th are:

  1. Never leave a room while cooking.
  2. If you must leave the room while cooking, turn off the stove.
  3. Keep pot handles turned to the back of the stove so children cannot grab them.
  4. Wear short sleeves or tight sleeves while cooking so nothing dangles near a flame.
  5. Keep paper, towels, pot holders, wooden utensils and curtains away from the cooking area.
  6. Have one or more fire extinguishers handy and know how to use them.
  7. Keep stove tops clean; remove built up grease and spilled food.
  8. Never throw water on a grease fire – smother it with a pan lid instead.
  9. Keep children and pets out of the “kid-free” zone three feet from the stove.

10. Have a fire escape plan, and review and rehearse it often.

“The time to protect yourself against a range top fire is before it strikes.  By simply installing the Guardian, you can rest at ease and party safely.”  With the system, a fire can be extinguished in as little as seven seconds (video).

The Guardian is designed to detect and extinguish cooking fires and at the same timeprevents re-ignition. Once it detects heat at a pre-determined temperature, a signal is sent to release the extinguishing agent to suppress the fire and to shut off the gas or electric supply to the stove in order to prevent reigniting.  “Whether it is a single home or an apartment at risk, putting the fire out quickly is imperative to minimize damage and injury,” Rouse said.

For more information, contact GSSI at 800-786-2178 or visit www.guardianssi.com. Visit on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GuardianSSI and on Twitter @GuardianSSI.

About GSSI

Protecting families worldwide since 1985, Guardian Safety Solutions International Inc. is the recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of residential range top fire protection systems. GSSI’s mission is to develop and distribute quality safety products that provide customers with peace of mind, while protecting lives and property. GSSI manufactures the Guardian III Model G300B, UL and ULC listed with a fuel shut-off.


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